Powder Coating Chemicals

AHA 3149

Trybo-charge agent for epoxy powder paint

AHA 2019

Matting agent for TGIC based powder coating, with 12% gloss, good flow and anti-yellowing, outdoor use

AHA 68

Matting hardener for low gloss pure epoxy or hybrid powder coatings for interior applications

AHA 1207

Grained (sand) texture finish additive


Used as cross-linker hardener for pure polyester powder coating. The usage is about 6-9% of the polyester weight

Epoxy Resin E 12

Is a bisphenol A-epoxy resin used with 50/50, 60/40, 30/70 with polyester resin to produce hybrid and epoxy powder coatings

Polyester Resin SL 9000

General use pure polyester resin with very good mechanical properties and outdoor application

Polyester Resin SL 7030

General use polyester/epoxy resin with good flaw and flexibility for indoor application

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